treecombobox Button structure
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Applies to
acEdit, acNumberEdit and acTreeComboBox components.  

  TacEditButton = class(TPersistent)  
    property Cursor: TCursor;  
    property Flat: Boolean; // in Delphi 3 and later !!!  
    property Glyph: TBitmap;  
    property NumGlyphs: TNumGlyphs; // 1..4  
    property HintString;  
    property KindTacEditButtonKind;  
    property Width: Word;  
    property Visible: Boolean; // False by default  

The acEdit component (and all its successors, like acNumberEdit or acTreeComboBox) is able to have a custom button at the right edge of edit control. The Button structure intended for specify settings for this button. To make button visible on edit control — set Button.Visible to True.  
You can specify the glyph image and number of images, hint, cursor and width for button.  
tip The button which at the right of edit control is just usual TSpeedButton component. You can even gain direct access to all button's properties using hidden EditButton property.  
For example, to specify caption for this button you may use following code:  
  acTreeComboBox1.EditButton.Caption := 'Test';  

See also
OnButtonClick event.