treecombobox Transparent property
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Applies to
acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acLabeledComboBox, acMRUComboBox, acImagesComboBox and TacTreeComboBox components as subproperty of AttachedLabel structure.  

property Transparent: Boolean;  

The Transparent property specifies whether controls that sit below the label on a form can be seen through the label.  
Set Transparent to True to prevent the label from obscuring other controls on the form. For example, if the label is used to add text to a graphic, set Transparent to True so that the label does not stand out as a separate object.  
Writing text so that the background is transparent is slower than writing text when Transparent is False. If the label is not obscuring a complicated image, performance can be improved by setting the background color of the label to match the object beneath it and setting Transparent to False.  

See also
Color property.