treecombobox Caption property
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Applies to
acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acLabeledComboBox, acMRUComboBox, acImagesComboBox and TacTreeComboBox components as subproperty of AttachedLabel structure.  

property Caption: TCaption;  

The Caption property specified a text string which appers on label attached to control (attached label).  
To underline a character in a Caption that labels a component, include an ampersand (&) before the character. This type of character is called an accelerator character. The user can then select the component by pressing Alt while typing the underlined character. To display an ampersand character in the caption, use two ampersands (&&).  
tip The label always associated with the control. When user press the accelerator key (Alt + Character, specified after ampersand (&)), the input focus will be imediately switched to the labeled control.  

Screenshot (the labels at the left side is attached to the edit control):

See also
ShowAccelChar, Color, Font, Transparent, Visible and WordWrap properties.