trayicon WhatsThisHint property
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Applies to
acTrayIcon component.  

property WhatsThisHint: String;  

The WhatsThisHint property specifies the text for popup window which appears when user clicks the menu item associated with PopupMenuWhatsThisItem.  
tip The popup window looks and feels like standard WinHelp popup window, and since it created using function of acFormHelp component it can contain the rich-formatting tags of FormHelp (i.e: [B], [I], [U], [colorname] etc). See the list of rich-formatting tags for more details.  


iiinfo This feature are not available in stand-alone TrayIcon component and only comes with entire AppControls pack, since it uses function of acFormHelp component to display the popup window.  

See also
PopupMenuWhatsThisItem, PopupMenu and Hint properties;  
acFormHelp component and Rich-formatting tags.