trayicon StartMinimized property
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Applies to
acTrayIcon component.  

property StartMinimized: Boolean;  

The StartMinimized property controls whether an application should be minimized on startup. Set StartMinimized to True if you would like to minimize your program on startup, or leave it False otherwise.  
tip Alternatively you can minimize application in OnShow event handler of your main form using following code (and acAppEvents component):  
procedure TMainForm.FormShow(Sender: TObject);  
  acAppEvents1.ShowMainForm := False;  
  acAppEvents1.ShowTaskIcon := False;  
tip Also you can automatically minimize your application at startup by specifying "/minimized" parameter at startup command-line option. The acTrayIcon component automatically recognize it and set StartMinimized property to True, if "/minimized" option are specified.  

See also
MinimizeToTray method and acAppEvents component.