trayicon ShowInfoBalloon method
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Applies to
acTrayIcon component.  

procedure ShowInfoBalloon;  

The ShowInfoBalloon method shows the cartoon-style balloon tooltip with its stem pointing to the tray icon. The balloon will disappear when clicked, but you can also specify a time-out value.  
To specify the text, title and icon for the balloon tooltip — use Win2kInfoBalloon structure.  
If you would like to show the balloon tooltip when the form is minimized to the system tray, you don't need to call ShowInfoBalloon method. Just set Win2kInfoBalloon.Enabled property to True.  


The Win2kInfoBalloon supported in Windows 2000 and later. You can specify these properties in the Windows 95/98 or NT4, however, the balloon window can be displayed in the Windows 2000 systems only.  

See also
ResetTrayIcon method;  
Win2kInfoBalloon structure.