trayicon PopupMenu property
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Applies to
acTrayIcon and acCaptionButton components.  

property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;  

The PopupMenu property identifies the pop-up menu associated with the tray icon.  
Assign a value to PopupMenu to make a pop-up menu appear when the user selects the tray icon and clicks the right mouse button (or on left mouse button click, if oShowMenuOnLeftClick specified in Options property).  
If the TPopupMenu's AutoPopup property is True, the pop-up menu appears automatically on right mouse click. If the menu's AutoPopup property is False, display the menu with a call to its Popup method from the control's OnClick event handler.  
tip If the popup menu contains the default menu item, the action associated with item (it's OnClick event handler) will be executed when user double clicks the tray icon.  

See also
PopupMenuRestoreItem and PopupMenuTrayMinimizeItem properties.