trayicon Options property
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Applies to
acTrayIcon component.  

  TacTrayIconOptions = set of (oHideIconOnRestore,  
property Options: TacTrayIconOptions;  

The Options property controls the appearance and behavior of the tray icon. Use Options property to customize the appearance and functionality of the TrayIcon component. The possible values of Options are:  
Value Meaning    
oHideIconOnRestoreHides the icon from tray (makes Visible property False) when the form becomes restores from the tray;  
oMinimizeToTrayAutomatically minimize the window to tray when user clicks minimize button on the form's title bar, or selects according menu item in the system menu;  
oMinimizeToTrayAutomatically minimize the window to tray when application deactivates (the input focus switches to another application). tip Alternatively you can write the OnDeactivate event handler ot TApplication object and Minimize the application to tray programmatically;  
oOneClickRestoreRestores the window from tray icon on just one mouse click when True;  
oDblClickRestorePrevents the form from minimizing and restoring from the system tray when False;  
oPlaySysActionSoundsControls whether the component should play the default system sounds (the WAV files defined by user in "Sounds" applet of Control Panel), associated with Minimize and Restore events (when the application minimizes or restores from system tray);  
oShowAtDesignTimeShows the tray icon at design time. Make it False if you would not see the design tray icon even if Visible property is True;  
oShowMenuOnLeftClickShows the popup menu when user click left mouse button over tray icon.  

See also

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