threadsafelog SendMail structure
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Applies to
acThreadSafeLog component.  

  TacSMTPPriority = (mpHighest, mpHigh, mpNormal, mpLow, mpLowest);  
  { TacThreadSafeLogSendMailProperties }  
  TacThreadSafeLogSendMailProperties = class  
    property Limit: Cardinal default 0;  
    property MsgContentCharsetString default 'iso-8859-1';  
    property MsgFromAddressString;  
    property MsgFromNameString;  
    property MsgToAddressString;  
    property MsgToNameString;  
    property MsgSubjectString;  
    property MsgPriority: TacSMTPPriority default mpNormal;  
    property SMTPHostString default 'localhost';  
    property SMTPPort: Word default 25;  
    property Threaded: Boolean default False;  
property SandMail: TacThreadSafeLogSendMailProperties;  

The SendMail structure used to specify the SMTP properties and headers of email message, which could be sent using EmailLastRecords method (this method can be used to send an email message with last N log entries, to inform the administrator about some fatal error).  
The SMTPHost and SMTPPort properties specifies the host and port of SMTP server which relays the email messages.  
Limit property specifies the maximum number of messages which could be sent per application session (0 is unlimited).  
Threaded specifies whether email should be sent in separate or in current application thread (True — use separate thread).  
Other properties (with Msg… prefix), used to specify the headers of email message.  

See also
EmailLastRecords method;  
acSendMail component.