threadsafelog Options property
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Applies to
acThreadSafeLog component.  

  TacThreadSafeLogOption = (putTickStamp, putTimeStamp, putThreadID);  
  TacThreadSafeLogOptions = set of TacThreadSafeLogOption;  
property Options: TacThreadSafeLogOptions;  

The Options property specifies which dynamic values should be stored to the log file as prefix before each line of logged text.  
There is 3 possible options/values which can be automatically put to the prefix before each line:  
putTickStampputs the number of CPU ticks passed from the application startup;  
putTimeStampputs current date and time in format specified in the DateTimeFormat property;  
putThreadIDputs the identifier of the thread which called Log method.  
Alternatively, if you don't want to put standard values descibed in Options, you can use OnCustomPrefix event to specify your own prefix before each line of logged text.  

See also
DateTimeFormat property and OnCustomPrefix event.