threadsafelog OnMaxSizeReached event
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Applies to
acThreadSafeLog component.  

  TacThreadSafeLogMaxSizeReachedEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; var ClearLog: Boolean) of object;  
property OnMaxSizeReached: TacThreadSafeLogMaxSizeReachedEvent;  

The OnMaxSizeReached event occurs when the size of log file outgrows to limit specified in MaxSize property. After log reaches specified value, the component automatically clears the log, if your application not override ClearLog parameter in this event handler.  
Write the OnMaxSizeReached event handler to take some specific actions when the log file outgrows the limit, or to prevent automatic clearing of the log file by specifying False to ClearLog parameter. Alternatively you can simply call ClearLog method to empty the log manually.  

See also
ClearLog method.