TCustomDrawState type
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Used to specify a custom drawing state.


  TCustomDrawState = set of (cdsSelected, cdsGrayed, cdsDisabled, cdsChecked, cdsFocused, cdsDefault, cdsHot, cdsMarked, cdsIndeterminate);  

TCustomDrawState indicates state information that can affect how a control is drawn. It includes a set drawn from the following values:  
Value   Meaning  
cdsSelected   The control or item is selected.  
cdsGrayed   The control or item should appear grayed.  
cdsDisabled   The control or item is disabled.  
cdsChecked   The item should appear checked.  
cdsFocused   The control or item has input focus.  
cdsDefault   The item is the default item.  
cdsHot   The item is under the mouse and the HotTrack property is True.  
cdsMarked   The item is marked (marked items appear shaded by default).  
cdsIndeterminate   The item is neither selected nor unselected.