TacSystemSoundType type
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TacSystemSoundType defines the possible values for the SoundType property of the TacWavPlayer component, as defined in the following table. acWavPlayer uses these values (except stCustom) to get location to the system sound from the System Registry.

All system sounds usually specified by user in the Control Panel ("Sounds" applet). If chosen system sound is not defined, acWavPlayer will not play any sound.


 TacSystemSoundType = (stCustom, stAsterisk,
                       stCloseProgram, stCriticalStop,
                       stDefaultSound, stExclamation,
                       stExitWindows, stMaximize,
                       stMenuCommand, stMenuPopup,
                       stMinimize, stNewMailNotification,
                       stOpenProgram, stProgramError,
                       stQuestion, stRestoreDown,
                       stRestoreUp, stStartWindows);

stCustomacWavPlayer will play custom sound, specified in WaveSound property (uploaded onto form at design-time).  
System sounds (in these cases acWavPlayer will play sounds associated with enumerated system events)  
stAsteriskplaying Asterisk sound  
stCloseProgramplaying Close program sound  
stCriticalStopCritical Stop sound  
stDefaultSoundDefault sound  
stExclamationExclamation sound  
stExitWindowsExit Windows sound  
stMaximizeMaximize sound  
stMenuCommandMenu command sound  
stMenuPopupMenu popup sound  
stMinimizeMinimize sound  
stNewMailNotificationNew Mail Notification sound  
stOpenProgramOpen program sound  
stProgramErrorProgram error sound  
stQuestionQuestion sound  
stRestoreDownRestore Down sound  
stRestoreUpRestore Up sound  
stStartWindowsStart Windows sound