formbackground TacFormBackground component
Hierarchy Properties
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The acFormBackground component paints the background (wallpaper) on your form using various gradient effects or bitmap image. Supports 3 smooth gradient effects and 4 styles of drawing the picture: tiled, stretched, tiled with zigzag (like bricks in the wall), and aligning the picture by center.  

How to use ?
Drop component on the form and use GradientDirection property to specify direction of gradient effect, or PictureStyle property to specify how to draw the wallpaper.  
The Kind determines what you would like to paint — gradient effect (bkGradient) or picture as wallpaper (bkPicture).  

Gradient effects (depends on GradientDirection property):  
gdVertical, gdHorizontal and gdCentral.  
gradient2 gradient gradient3  
Picture (style depends on PictureStyle property).  
gradient4 gradient5  

The gradient background / wallpaper does not visible at design-time.  

See also
Panels with custom background.