TacACaptionButton class
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  TacACaptionButton = class(TPersistent)  
    constructor Create(aCaptionButton: TacCustomCaptionButton);  
    property BtnOrder: TacBtnOrder// unsigned integer  
    property Cursor: TCursor;  
    property CursorDown: TCursor;  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property Hint: String;  
    property SeparatorWidth: Integer;  
    property ShowHint: Boolean;  
    property Visible: Boolean;  

The TacACaptionButton is the persistent class for all successors of TacCustomCaptionButton component and intended for specifying the caption button's properties at design-time. All components with CaptionButton: TacACaptionButton property in published section (such like acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp, acFormTopmost and acFormRoller) is able to have caption button on form's title bar.  
Only TacCustomCaptionButton successors can use this class (see Create method).  

What for this class needed ?
Regular acCaptionButton component contains a lot of properties that commonly not used and specified in the unit that describes a component. So, we would not waste space of Object Inspector and moved most used properties to the TacACaptionButton class that can be easily accessed in CaptionButton property list at design time.  
When you specifying the properties of TacACaptionButton class, same properties of TacCustomCaptionButton will be changed accordingly. Also you can access all public properties, methods and events of TacCustomCaptionButton class at run-time.  

See also components with built-in "CaptionButton":
acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp, acFormTopmost, acFormRoller.