systeminfo ScreenResolution property
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Applies to
acSystemInfo component.  

  TacScreenResolution = (sr640x480, sr800x600, sr1024x768,  
                         sr1152x864, sr1280x960, sr1280x1024,  
                         sr1600x1200, sr1920x1080, sr1920x1200,  
                         // pivot  
                         sr480x640, sr600x800, sr768x1024,  
                         sr864x1152, sr960x1280, sr1024x1280,  
                         sr1200x1600, sr1080x1920, sr1200x1920);  
property ScreenResolution: TacScreenResolution;  

The ScreenResolution property determines and changes (if Allow_Edit is True) the screen resolution. Screen resolution can be 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024 and higher. In case if used the Pivot monitor (with portrait display), the resolutions will be 480x640, 600x800, 768x1024, 864x1152, 960x1280, 1024x1280 and higher.  
tip The ScreenResolution works both at run- and design-time. You can play with it changing the property value in the Delphi/BCB IDE.  
However, please remember that some old video cards may not support high resolutions.  

See also
ScreenColorMode and PivotMonitor properties.