stringlistcontainer NVSeparatorMainSide property
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Applies to
acStringListContainer component.  

  TacStringListNVSeparatorSide = (nvsLeft, nvsRight);  
property NVSeparatorMainSide: TacStringListNVSeparatorSide;  

The NVSeparatorMainSide property used to specify the priority side of string separated by NVSeparator character.  
For example, if you know that Names can contain the characters which also used by separator, you can set NVSeparatorMainSide to nvsRight, and the TacStringList object will separate the strings to Names and Values using LAST separator character found in the string.  
tip For another example, the NVSeparator is the space character (" "), and our list contain a lines like "hello world 12345". In this case, if NVSeparatorMainSide is nvsLeft, the Names property will return "hello" and Values will return "world 12345". However, if you set NVSeparatorMainSide to nvsRight, the Names property will return "hello world" and Values"12345".  

See also
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