sqlquerythread WaitTimeout property
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Applies to
acSQLQueryThread, acHTTP, acSendMail and acThread components.  

property WaitTimeout: Integer;  

The WaitTimeout property specifies the time interval (limit), in milliseconds unit, which application able to wait until the SQL query will be completed.  
For example, if the maximum time which you can allow to complete SQL query is 5 seconds, set this value to 5000 (milliseconds). If application can wait infinitely, set WaitTimeout to 0.  
iiinfo When the timeout is expired, the component automatically terminates the SQL query. To be notified when the WaitTimeout is expired — write OnWaitTimeoutExpired event handler.  

The WaitTimeout only works together with WaitThread property, only when it set to True.  

See also
WaitThread and Priority properties;  
RunSQL and Abort methods;  
OnWaitTimeoutExpired event.