splitterpanel PictureStyle property
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Applies to
acHeader, acHeaderPanel, acPicturePanel and acSplitterPanel components as sub-property of Background structure.  

property PictureStyle: TacBackgroundPictureStyle;  

The PictureStyle property specifies the effect used to draw the Picture. There are possible values:  
bsTiletiles the bitmap image on form's background;  
bsStretchstretches the image so that it exactly fits the bounds of the form. When the form resized, the image will be resized as well;  
bsZigzagalmost the same as tile effect, but every next row of tile is shifted relatively to previous row, like bricks in the wall;  
bsCenterdraws the image in the center of form.  

Snapshot (bsZigzag effect)

See also
Picture and Kind properties.