sendmail MsgContentCharset property
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Applies to
acSendMail component.  

property MsgContentCharset: String// 'iso-8859-1' by default  

The MsgContentCharset property determines the charaters set used in the text of e-mail message. This parameter always included to the message to allow the e-mail client to determinate which charset should be used to display the message. Use appropriate definition of charset for language used in email message  
iiwarning You should programmatically handle conversion of text to required code table if the content charset of e-mail is different than charset used on typing a message. Otherwise the text mey appears to be broken. (FYI: 'iso-8859-1' is the standard Western European code table, AFAIK, 'iso-8859-1' is the same as 'us-ascii'.)  
tip The acSendMail automatically converts the text from Windows to KOI8 table ('koi8-r' is the standard Russian charset used in e-mail messages), if the When MsgContentCharset = 'koi8-r'. (So Russian programmers may do not worry about this.)  

See also
MsgContentType, MsgBody and MsgSubject properties.