sendmail AttachType property
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Applies to
acSendMail component.  

  TacSMTPAttachType = (atNormal, atEmbedded);  
property AttachType: TacSMTPAttachType;  

The AttachType property controls how the SendMail should envelop the attached files (listed in Attach property).  
There are two possible types of attachment:  
atNormalnormal attachment. User will be able to save attached files to disk or execute attached files directly from message;  
atEmbeddedembed attached pictures to the body of message and "hide" them. Use this attachment type only for HTML-based message (when MsgContentType = ctHTML).  
Note: pictures will be embedded only if you're showing them in HTML-based message (use <img src="cid:picture.gif"> tags).  
tip If you would like to show embedded pictures in the HTML message, use the filename of attached message as "content-identifer". To show embedded pictures use following tag:  
<img src="cid:filename"> or…  
<body background="cid:filename">  
<body background="cid:background.jpg">  
<img src="cid:Banner.gif" width=468 height=60>  
(Note: "background.jpg" and ""Banner.gif" files should be attached to the message).  

See also
Attach and MsgContentType properties.