radiobutton ParentCtl3D property
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Applies to
acRadioButton and acCheckBox components (in generally, to ALL successors of TControl).  

property ParentCtl3D: Boolean;  

The ParentCtl3D property determines where a radiobutton looks to determine if it should appear three dimensional.  
Use ParentCtl3D to ensure that all the components on a form have a uniform appearance. For example, to make all components on a form appear three dimensional, set the form's Ctl3D property to True and each control's ParentCtl3D property to True. Not only will all components have a three-dimensional appearance, but to change to a uniform two-dimensional appearance, you only have to change the Ctl3D property of the form and all the components will become two dimensional.  
If ParentCtl3D is True, the component uses the value of its parent component's Ctl3D property. If ParentCtl3D is False, the control uses the value of its own Ctl3D property. The default value is True.  
To specify either a 2D or 3D appearance for a particular component, set Ctl3D to True (for 3D) or False (for 2D). When setting the Ctl3D property of a control, ParentCtl3D automatically gets set to False.  

See also
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