radiobutton Ctl3D property
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Applies to
acRadioButton, acCheckBox and acCheckGroupBox components (in generally, to ALL successors of TControl).  

property Ctl3D: Boolean;  

The Ctl3D property determines whether a control has a three-dimensional (3-D) or two-dimensional look.  
Use Ctl3D to control the appearance of the control. If Ctl3D is True, the control has a 3-D appearance. If Ctl3D is False, the control appears flat. The default value of Ctl3D is True.  
If a control's ParentCtl3D property is True, then changes in the Ctl3D property of the control's parent automatically changes the Ctl3D property of the control. When assigning a value directly to a control's Ctl3D property, the control's ParentCtl3D property is automatically set to False.  

See also

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