radiobutton AlignmentVert property
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Applies to
acRadioButton and acCheckBox components.  

  TVerticalAlignment = (vaTopJustify, vaBottomJustify, vaCenter);  
property AlignmentVert: TVerticalAlignment;  

The AlignmentVert property controls vertical placement of text string that appears as a label for radiobutton control.  
By default, text is lined up along the top edge of control (AlignmentVert = vaTopJustify). To align text along the bottom edge — set AlignmentVert to vaRightJustify. For centering the text vertically within a client area — set AlignmentVert to vaCenter.  
tip The effect of the AlignmentVert property is more obvious if the WordWrap property is True and the caption includes more than one line of text.  


See also
AlignmentHorz property.