proportionalimage FixedStretching property
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Applies to
acProportionalImage property.  

property FixedStretching: Boolean;  

When you use standard Stretch property (to display the image so it exactly fits the bounds of the image control), the image can be displayed incorrectly (part of image not shown, some pixels shifted etc). This is a bug of standard TImage component used in Delphi and C++ Builder (or bug of StretchDraw routine in Win98, I'm not sure where the bug is, but I get tired of this).  
When FixedStretching is True, the stretched image will be displayed correctly, using another routines for stretching image. If you want to display the stretched image the same way as it does the TImage component — set FixedStretching to False.  
You can play with this feature at design-time to decide what do you like more:  
1.Drop TacProportionalImage component onto your form and specify some image from disk in the Picture property;  
2.Set Proportional property to False;  
3.Set Stretched property to True;  
*.Enable and disable FixedStretching property several times and make decision, use or not to use this property.  

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