proportionalimage PixelFormat property
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Applies to
acProportionalImage as subproperty of JPEGProperties structure.  

  TJPEGPixelFormat = (jf24Bit, jf8Bit);  
property PixelFormat: TJPEGPixelFormat;  

Determines whether the JPEG image is displayed in 24 or 8-bit format.  
Use PixelFormat to set the pixel format of the JPEG image to 8-bit for video drivers that cannot display 24-bit. the native format of a JPEG image is 24-bit. PixelFormat is used for decompression, that is, for reading in files. PixelFormat will also apply to a bitmap if the image is copied to it.  

See also
CompressionQuality, Grayscale, Performance, ProgressiveDisplay, ProgressiveEncoding, Scale and Smoothing properties.