proportionalimage Grayscale property
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Applies to
acProportionalImage as subproperty of JPEGProperties structure.  

property Grayscale: Boolean;  

The Grayscale property determines whether the image output of a JPEG image is black and white, or color.  
Use Grayscale for reading in and writing out, that is, for decompressing and compressing, a JPEG image. This property affects how the image is displayed.  
Grayscale is used for speed in output optimization. When Grayscale is set to True, the color is separated from luminosity. Color takes the most time to decompress, so for previewing the image, Grayscale can be set to True for speed. The output then contains 255 shades of gray.  

See also
CompressionQuality, Performance, PixelFormat, ProgressiveDisplay, ProgressiveEncoding, Scale and Smoothing properties.