proportionalimage CompressionQuality property
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Applies to
acProportionalImage as subproperty of JPEGProperties structure.  

  TJPEGQualityRange = 1..100;  
property CompressionQuality: TJPEGQualityRange;  

Indicates the trade-off ratio between the image quality and the file size.  
Use CompressionQuality to set the compression quality of the JPEG image when writing out a JPEG image. Higher compression results in a poorer picture quality, but a smaller file size. This property is not used for reading in files.  
TJPEGQualityRange is the type of the CompressionQuality property. The higher the TJPEGQualityRange value (up to a maximum of 100), the better the image quality, but the larger the file size. The lower the TJPEGQualityRange value (to a minimum of 1), the smaller the resulting file size, but at the expense of picture quality.  

See also
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