processlist ProcessList property
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Applies to
acProcessList component.  

  TacProcesses = class(TacObjectList)  
    function FindProcessByPID(PID: DWord; MultiPass: Boolean = True): TacProcess;  
    function FindProcessByWnd(Wnd: hWnd; MultiPass: Boolean = True): TacProcess;  
    function FindExeNameByPID(PID: DWord): String;  
    function FindExeNameByWnd(Wnd: hWnd): String;  
    function FindDescriptionByPID(PID: DWord): String;  
    function FindDescriptionByWnd(Wnd: hWnd): String;  
    function FindWindowTitleByPID(PID: DWord): String;  
    function FindWindowTitleByWnd(Wnd: hWnd): String;  
    procedure ExportToListView(ListView: TCustomListView);  
    procedure Refresh;  
    property Items[Index: Integer]: TacProcess read Get; default;  
property ProcessList: TacProcesses;  

The ProcessList is the internal list which contains the information about each system process.  
tip The ProcessList is descendant of TList object, and contains only TacProcess objects.  
iiwarning The component does not refreshes this list automatically. To refresh this list — use Refresh method.  

See also
TacProcess object;  
Refresh method.