processlist AppType property
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Applies to
acProcess object.  

  TacAppType =  
      (atUnknown,        // type not yet determined  
       atVisibleWindows, // application with visible windows  
       atHiddenWindows,  // application with only hidden windows  
       atExplorer,       // Windows Explorer  
       atNoWindows);     // application with no windows  
property AppType: TacAppType; // read-only!  

The AppType determines the type of the application (whether it is GUI application with visible windows, hidden application, Explorer window, or just some system process).  
The application type can be one of following values:  
atVisibleWindowsthe application have one or more visible windows  
atHiddenWindowsall windows of the application are hidden  
atExplorerthe application is Windows Explorer  
atNoWindowsthe application has no windows  

See also
AppTypeName property.