picturepanel TagOpen property
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Applies to
acRichLabel, acInfoBox, acFormHelp, acHeader, acHeaderPanel and acPicturePanel components as subproperty of TextStyle structure.  

property TagOpen: Char;  

The TagOpen property specifies the sign which marks the beginning of rich-text formatting area. The rich formatting tags of AppControls pack are similar to brackets "<>" of tags in HTML format. Default TagOpen value is "[" sign.  

Examples of standard tags
[b] - makes text after this tag bold.  
[i] - makes text after this tag italic  
[biu] - makes text after this tag bold, italic and underlined.  
[] - clears text formatting.  
[red] - makes text after this tag red.  
[lime] - makes text after this tag light green (lime).  
[def] or [default] - returns the text formatting to default state as specified in Font property.  

See also
TagClose and PlainText properties and example of using rich-formatting tags.