picturepanel Kind property
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Applies to
acHeader, acHeaderPanel, acPicturePanel and acSplitterPanel components as sub-property of Background structure.  

  TacFormBackgroundKind = (bkPicture, bkGradient);  
property Kind: TacFormBackgroundKind;  

The Kind property specifies how to paint the form background: using the picture (bkPicture), or drawing the gradient effect (bkGradient).  
If you would like to paint background using the picture:  
1. Set Kind property to bkPicture;  
2. Specify the bitmap image in Picture property;  
3. Select the style of drawing in the PictureStyle property.  
If you wish to show the gradient effect:  
1. Set Kind property to bkGradient;  
2. Specify the direction of the effect in GradientDirection property;  
3. Choose two colors to draw the effect in GradientColor1 and GradientColor2 properties.  

See also
Active, GradientDirection and PictureStyle properties;  
OnPaint event.