mrucombobox MRURegKey property
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Applies to
acMRUComboBox components.  

property MRURegKey: String;  

The MRURegKey property defines the path to the key in the system registry where you would like to store the MRU history list.  
The MRU list will be automatically saved when user moves the focus to another control and MRUSaveOnExit property is True, or after calling the Save method; and restored on program startup, if MRUEnabled is True.  
tip Default value is '\Software\CompanyName\ProgramName\MRUComboBox'. You should point the MRURegKey to location where stored the configuration settings of your own application. In example - '\Software\UtilMind Solutions\The Cool Program\URLs list'.  

See also
MRUEnabled, MRUMax, MRURegLocation and MRUSaveOnExit properties.