imagescombobox Items property
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Applies to
acImagesComboBox component.  

property Items: TStringList;  

The Items property provides access to the list of items (strings) in the list portion of the combo box.  
Use Items property to specify the text and image index for portions of drop-down list. The image index should be specified as integer number and separated from the text of item by "|" character. For example, if the Items contains the line: '0|The Item', this means that item should display text "The Item" and use first image specified in the image list (with index = 0). If the image index is not specified it will show only text without image.  
Read Items to access the list of items that appears in the combo box. Use the methods of Items to add, insert, delete and move items. Set the value of Items to copy the items from another string list.  

acImagesComboBox1.Items.Add('0|First item (imageindex=0)');  
acImagesComboBox1.Items.Add('Item without image');  
acImagesComboBox1.Items.Add('1|Another item (imageindex = 1)');  

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