imagescombobox ParentFont property
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Applies to
acEdit, acNumberEdit, acIPEdit, acLabeledComboBox, acMRUComboBox and acImagesComboBox components as subproperty of AttachedLabel structure.  

property ParentFont: Boolean;  

The ParentFont property determines where a control looks for its font information.  
To have a control use the same font as its parent control, set ParentFont to true If ParentFont is false the label uses its own Font property.  
Set ParentFont to true for all controls in order to ensure that all the controls on a form have a uniform appearance. For example, if ParentFont is true for all controls in a form, changing the form's Font property to 12-point Courier causes all controls on the form to use that font.  
When the value of a control's Font property changes, ParentFont becomes false automatically.  
When ParentFont is true for a form, the form uses the default font.  

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