iesniffer SniffWithHTTPPrefixOnly property
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Applies to
acIESniffer component.  

property SniffWithHTTPPrefixOnly: Boolean;  

The SniffWithHTTPPrefixOnly property controls whether the component should allow detect only that windows of Internet Explorer which have 'http' prefix in its address line.  
Set SniffWithHTTPPrefixOnly to True, to prevent hooking events when user surfing local intranet pages or just use Windows Explorer instead of Internet, and want to retrieve content and events only of those IE instances which currently displays the Web content received by HTTP or HTTPS protocols. Otherwise, it will detect all addresses, event when user using Windows Explorer to browse local directories (though, the component is unable to hook the events of Windows Explorer it gives access only to IE).  

See also
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OnWindowLoad and OnWindowUnload events.