iesniffer SearchBar property
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Applies to
acIESniffer component.  

  TacIESnifferSearchBar = class  
    property Enabled: Boolean stored False; // basically run-time only  
    property URL: String;  
property SearchBar: TacIESnifferSearchBar;  

The SearchBar property used to specify custom URL for search panel (which visible at the left side of Internet Explorer window, when user clicks "Search" button on the toolbar).  
The Enabled is dynamic property which should be specified in run-time only! It determines whether the search bar of Internet Explorer currently points to specified URL. Set Enabled to True at run-time to specify the custom page for search bar, or set it to False, to restore default Windows Search Assistant.  
The URL property specifies the address to the web page which can be used instead of default Windows Search Assistant. The custom page for search bar can looks like  

See also
SearchRedirect property.