iesniffer OnWBFileDownload event
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Applies to
acIESniffer component.  

  TacIEWebBrowserOnFileDownload = procedure(Sender: TObject;  
    const Browser: IWebBrowser2; var Cancel: WordBool) of object;  
property OnWBFileDownload: TacIEWebBrowserOnFileDownload;  

The OnWBFileDownload event occurs before displaying the FileDownload dialog box. You can cancel downloading setting the Cancel parameter to False.  
This event is useful if you would like to implement your own download manager, without built-in IE download dialogs. To hook the location of the file which is about to be downloaded — write OnWBBeforeNavigate2 event handler.  
iiwarning This event supported by IE5.5+ only! In lower versions please use OnWBBeforeNavigate2 event and check whether the location have *.zip, *.exe or some another extension supported by your download manager and set Cancel parameter to False.  

See also
OnWBBeforeNavigate2 event.