iesniffer OnWBDocumentComplete event
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Applies to
acIESniffer component.  

  TacIEWebBrowserDocumentComplete = procedure(Sender: TObject; const URL: Stringconst Browser: IWebBrowser2;  
    const pDisp: IDispatch; var NewURL: OleVariant) of object;  
property OnWBDocumentComplete: TacIESnifferEvent;  

The OnWBDownloadComplete Occurs when the document being navigated to reaches ReadyState_Complete.  
Write an OnWBDocumentComplete event handler to take specific action when a frame or document is FULLY loaded into the Web browser. For a document without frames, this event occurs once when the document finishes loading. On a document containing multiple frames, this event occurs once for each frame. When the multiple-frame document finishes loading, the Web browser fires the event one final time.  
Browser is the IWebBrowser2 that is loading the document.  
pDisp is the Automation interface of the top-level frame or browser. When loading a document without frames, pDisp is the interface of the Web browser. When loading a document with multiple frames, this is the interface of the containing frame, except for the very last time the event occurs, when it is the interface of the Web browser.  
NewURL is the URL, UNC file name, or PIDL that to which the Web browser navigated. This URL can be different from the URL to which the browser was told to navigate. For example, the browser may have been redirected by the target resource or by an OnWBBeforeNavigate2 event handler. In addition, the value of URL is the canonicalized and qualified URL: for example, if an application specified a URL of "" in a call to the Navigate or Navigate2 method of Browser object, the URL in the OnWBDocumentComplete event handler is "".  
tip If you wish to modify downloaded page — use OnWBDownloadComplete event, to be notified when the page is refreshed by user.  

See also
OnWBBeforeNavigate2, OnWBDownloadBegin, OnWBDownloadComplete and OnWBNavigateComplete2 events.