iesnifferautofilluserinfo FillTokens property
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Applies to
acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component.  

  TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens = class(TPersistent)  
    property SuperString;  
    property ExactNameFieldString;  
    property PossibleString;  
    property WrongString;  
  TacIESnifferAutoFillUserTokens = class(TPersistent)  
    property FullName: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property FirstName: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property LastName: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property Company: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property JobTitle: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property Email: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property Phone: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property Fax: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property TaxIDNumber: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property AddressLine1: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property AddressLine2: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property City: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property State: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property ZipCode: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
    property Country: TacIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
property FillTokens: TacIESnifferAutoFillUserTokens;  

The FillTokens structure can be used to specify custom "tokens" of the fields which can be automatically filled with values in Fields structure.  
When the component find on the Web page some input box, it checks whether its name attribute (in HTML tag) and the text prior to that input box. If the text nearby contains one of the words described in "Possible" property AND do NOT have the words described in "Wrong" property, OR contains one of the word specified in "Super" property, OR the field name is the one of the word specified in "ExactNameField", then the input field can be automatically marked, or filled with the proper text, taken from Fields structure.  
tip To specify custom fields/tokens, i.e, bank account information, social security number, or something else — use CustomFields property.  

See also
AutoFill, AutoHighlight, Fields and CustomFields properties;  
Fill method.