iesnifferautofilluserinfo CustomFields property
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Applies to
acIESnifferAutoFillUserInfo component.  

  TIESnifferAutoFillCustomFieldType = (ftAny, ftEditBox, ftComboBox);  
  TIESnifferAutoFillCustomField = class  
    property FieldType: TIESnifferAutoFillCustomFieldType default ftAny;  
    property Name: String;  
    property Value: String;  
    property Tokens: TIESnifferAutoFillTokens;  
property CustomFields: TIESnifferAutoFillCustomFields;  

The CustomFields property is the collection of the custom fields/tokens. Each item of this collection respresents 4 tokens of the field on the Web forms and the Value, which should be specified to that field on filling.  
To add custom fields at design-time — click on the property name and add the custom fields in special designer.  

See also
Fields and FillTokens properties;  
Fill method.