http WorkOffline property
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Applies to
acHTTP component.  

property WorkOffline: Boolean;  

The WorkOffline property controls whether you would like to browse the Web data offline, and read cached pages even if user are disconnected from Internet.  
If requested file is not available for offline reading, the acHTTP component will try to connect the remote host to download data from the Web. If user is disconnected, OnHostUnreachable event will occurs.  
This feature is the same as "Work Offline" option of the MS Internet Explorer. All requested data will be read from cache instead of downloading files from the Web.  

iiinfo The WorkOffline property works even if caching features is disabled (even if coAlwaysReload value of CacheOptions is True).  
tip To determinate whether the global status is Offline, use IsGlobalOffline method-function of the component.  

See also

CacheOptions property;  
OnDone and OnHostUnreachable events.