htmlviewer BorderStyle property
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Applies to
acHTMLViewer component.  

  TacHTMLViewerBorderStyle = (hvbsDefault, hvbsNone,  
                              hvbsDotted,  hvbsDashed,  
                              hvbsSolid,   hvbsDouble,  
                              hvbsGroove,  hvbsRidge,  
                              hvbsInset,   hvbsWndInset,  
property BorderStyle: TacHTMLViewerBorderStyle; // hvbsNone by default  

The BorderStyle property specifies the style of frame around the HTML viewer (embedded Internet Explorer window).  
tip Set BorderStyle to hvbsNone to hide the border at all, or set it to hvbsDefault to return to default 3D-style border.  

See also
BorderColor and NoScroll properties.