hostnameresolver ResolveCachedIP method
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Applies to
acHostnameResolver component.  

function ResolveCachedIP(const IP: String; PutToQueueIfNotYetResolved: Boolean = False): String;  

The ResolveCachedIP method tries to retrieve the cached hostname by IP address specified in IP parameter.  
If the hostname still not in the cache, it can put it to the queue for further resolving (IPList property), if PutToQueueIfNotYetResolved parameter is True.  
iiwarning However, this method only retrieves correct host name if it ALREADY was resolved and currently are in internal cache of component. If the hostname can not be retrieved IMEDIATELY (it was not found in cache), function just returns the same IP address as specified in parameter.  

See also
AutoResolve and IPList properties;  
Execute, Abort and ResolveCachedIP methods;  
OnHostnameRetrieved event.