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Applies to
acRichLabel, acFormHelp, acInfoBox, acHeader, acHeaderPanel and acPicturePanel components.  

  TacTextStyle = class(TPersistent)  
    property PlainText: Boolean default False;  
    property TagOpen: Char default '[';  
    property TagClose: Char default ']';  

The TextStyle structure used to specify the style of text displayed by this component.  
The PlainText property specifies whether you would like to use right-formatted text or just flat, plain text. TagOpen and TagClose properties used to specify prefered signs for brackets which identifies begin and end of tags used for rich formatting. By default every tag beginning with '[' sign and ending with ']' sign.  
For example, when PlainText is False, TagOpen is '[' and TagClose is ']', following text:  
[i]Hello[] [red][b]World[def]!  
will looks like:  
Hello World!  
Otherwise, if PlainText is True, the tags will not be used and users will see just flat text, including all tags.  

See also
acRichLabel component and Rich-formatting tags overview.