formtopmost CaptionButton structure
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Applies to
acFormTopmost, acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp and acFormRoller components.  

property CaptionButton: TacACaptionButton;  

The CaptionButton is the set of properties for managing an additonal buttons on the form's title bar:  
BtnOrdercontrols the button placement order on the title bar;  
Cursorspecifies the cursor image when button released;  
CursorDownspecifies the cursor image when button pressed;  
Enabledenables or disables button;  
Hintspecifies the button's tooltip;  
SeparatorWidthwidth between current and previous buttons;  
ShowHintenables or disables the tooltip (hint);  
Visibleshows or hides the button from the title bar.  


See also
SystemMenu structure.