formsystemmenu Items property
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Applies to
acFormSystemMenu component.  

property Items: TMenuItems;  

Specifies the additional elements for the system menu. Use InsertPosition property to specify the position where to insert described items, between regular elements of the system menu.  
Items is a single TMenuItem object that describes the elements of the menu in its own Items property. Because Items is the default property of TMenuItem, the Items property of TacFormSystemMenu can be treated as an indexed array of menu items that describe the individual items in the menu. That is, instead of writing  
FirstItem := acFormSystemMenu1.Items.Items[0];  
FirstItem := acFormSystemMenu1.Items[0];  
Set the Items property at design time by clicking on the Items property in the Object Inspector. The Menu Designer automatically inserts a menu item. As each menu item is entered, outlined regions appear at the possible locations of additional menu items. Click in those regions to specify additional menu items. At runtime, create a TMenuItem that describes the elements of the menu programmatically, and set the Items property of the men  

See also
InsertPosition and SysItems properties.