formmagnet Edges property
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Applies to
acFormMagnet component as subproperty of the ScreenMagnet structure.  

  TacScreenEdges = set of (seLeft, seTop, seRight, seBottom);  
property Edges: TacScreenEdges;  

The Edges property is the set of possible screen (or desktop) edges. You can specify the screen to allow or disallow your form to be attached to certain edge of screen (or desktop, depending on value of Area property).  
seLeftallows your form to be magnetized (attached) by the left edge of screen;  
seTopallows attaching to the top edge of screen, when True;  
seRightallows attaching to the right edge of screen, when True;  
seBottomallows attaching to the bottom edge of screen, when True;  

See also
Area and ScreenPower properties.