formhelp SystemMenu structure
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Applies to
acCaptionButton component and other components that uses TacCustomCaptionButton as ancestor class - acAppAutoRun, acTrayIcon, acFormHelp, acFormTopmost, acFormRoller.  

property SystemMenu: TacSystemMenu;  

The System Menu is the popup menu that appears when you click on the program icon on the upper-left corner of form's title bar. The SystemMenu property is the list of properties that manages the menu item associated with current button on the form's title bar.  

ApplyToMenuapplies or removes the menu item associated with current button from the system menu;  
Captiontext for the title of menu item;  
Positionposition of current menu item in the system menu;  
Separatorsspecifies the separators for menu item, to separatate it from previous and / or next menu item of the system menu.  


See also
acFormSystemMenu component.