filestorage AutoExtract structure
Sub properties
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Applies to
acFileStorage component.  

  TAutoExtract = class  
    property Enabled: Boolean;  
    property ExtractToTExtractTo;  
    property OverwriteTacFileStorageOverwrite;  
    property RemoveOnTerminate: Boolean;  
property AutoExtract: TAutoExtract;  

The AutoExtract is the TPersistent property which contains the list of sub-properties.  
You may use these auto extracting features if your would like to extract your files on every start of your application. Make Enabled property True and specify the path where files should be stored. If you don't want to keep extracted files permanenetly on the hard drive and would like to kill all extracted files after closing of your program - set RemoveOnTerminate to True.  
If you would NOT extract files automatically on program startup, set Enabled property to False and ignore other auto extracting features. Anyway you may use Extract method at any time.  

Since auto extracting features used by acFileStorage on program startup only, you don't need to change anything from AutoExtract subproperties at run-time. You may set these properies at design-time only, all run-time modifications will senseless.